German artisan bread v Organic bread.

Flour, sourdough, water and salt – a traditional loaf needs only four ingredients.

German bread is the synonymous for proper bread and it doesn’t have to be organic to be good, taste good and healthy. German breads are dark and moist, made out of rye primarily , they are high in fibre, vitamin and minerals.

German bread uses rye flour as a primary ingredient.  A slice of German bread in the morning will hold you for a very long time.

Wheat crops in this country have been through some serious genetic manipulation to make them profitable for the food industry and less healthy for us, so despite the wheat plant may have been grown organically, still is the question about the seeds that had been genetically modified half a century ago.

So when it comes to organic bread you need to read the ingredients and if you see any additional ingredients beside the four above ask yourself are these ingredients necessary?

Enzymes are modern baking’s big secret. A loophole classifies them as ‘processing aids’, which need not be declared on product labels.

For proper bread using only  four ingredients please contact German Master Baker, Her Stefan Hamann on


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