The German Bakery born in Windsor 2012


The German Bakery Windsor is now located in Tilehurst/Reading.

Another German tradition brought to Windsor, the first one being the Christmas Tree brought over by Prince Albert .

Now after 6 long years in Windsor where we were close by the Castle and the Royals, it was time for us to move forward as we grew up and more production space was needed.

Windsor Borough as many other Local authorities are not helping the small business at all. Windsor is a typical example, very small town filled with big shops , the small business are treated as a second class and pushed down the bottom of the Pedestrian street.  Even the Christmas lights are squalid and almost not visible at all.

2019 is just around the corner and Brexit is just a few months away.  A couple of German food business have closed down just this year: Backhaus and German Grocery and German deli in the USA too. Aldi and Lidl are focusing more into the local markets and German treats are being discontinued regularly from their shelves. I wonder why ?

I rest my case !


Lebkuchen, a must during Christmas

Lebkuchen is a German biscuit similar to gingerbread, lebkuchen is a great Christmas treat.

Lebkuchen tend to be much softer than British ginger-bread, almost cake-like in texture. Traditionally the dough was left to ferment, which would leaven it naturally, but modern recipes call for baking powder.

50120The exception is Nuremberg lebkuchen, which is unleavened, and baked into biscuits similar to British gingerbread. Nuremberg was well placed to become a lebkuchen city.

Hard or soft, plump or moulded, lebkuchen are still a staple of German Christmas markets. Many are pierced before baking, so that they can be hung from Christmas trees as edible decoration. Gingerbread originally found its place at Christmas because it was expensive to make, which made it celebratory.

We import the best brands of Lebkuchen from Nuremberg for the perfect gift. The come in beautiful chests and Tins for a memorable ocassion or friend or family and relatives.

You can place your order online on and we will deliver all over the UK and without any extra charges for those remote areas than couriers can’t reach. imag1135 Continue reading

Stollen from Dresdner or from Stefan Hamann ?

what differentiates an average tasting Stollen from a good or even great one? And what defines the uniqueness of the famed Dresdner Stollen?  I will help you decide:

The best tasting Stollen contains select quality wheat flour, yeast, butter (instead of margarine or vegetable oils), dried raisins, sultanas or currants soaked in rum, orangeat(candied orange), Zitronat (candied lemon), and powdered sugar as topping, marzipan, vanilla extract, almonds nut and spices are used to enhance flavour. Having said this, still the stollen even from Dresdner can be quite a dry experience.

The stollen from Stefan Hamann is Top quality Stollen and incredibly delicious, and – if consumed in moderation – will not add to your waistline.

Hamann’ stollen have just the right amount of moisture, yeasty texture, balanced taste, yet distinct individual flavours of each component and are not too sweet. Our dried fruits are soaked in Brandy instead of rum and the right amount of butter is key.

Hamann’s stollen keeps fresh and can be stored for a long time before getting rancid or stale keeping their moist till the very last !

Although not light in calories, Hamann’s high quality stollen burns fast and does not make you feel heavy.

A stollen Connoisseurs can taste the difference and will find it very diffferent the quality of a good Stollen once tasting one of Stefan Hamann’s stollen.

I rest my case ! and Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy  2019 !

You can get your german stollen from


German artisan bread v Organic bread.

Flour, sourdough, water and salt – a traditional loaf needs only four ingredients.

German bread is the synonymous for proper bread and it doesn’t have to be organic to be good, taste good and healthy. German breads are dark and moist, made out of rye primarily , they are high in fibre, vitamin and minerals.

German bread uses rye flour as a primary ingredient.  A slice of German bread in the morning will hold you for a very long time.

Wheat crops in this country have been through some serious genetic manipulation to make them profitable for the food industry and less healthy for us, so despite the wheat plant may have been grown organically, still is the question about the seeds that had been genetically modified half a century ago.

So when it comes to organic bread you need to read the ingredients and if you see any additional ingredients beside the four above ask yourself are these ingredients necessary?

Enzymes are modern baking’s big secret. A loophole classifies them as ‘processing aids’, which need not be declared on product labels.

For proper bread using only  four ingredients please contact German Master Baker, Her Stefan Hamann on